Do You Have Periodontal Disease?
By Sarkisian Dental
October 29, 2020
Category: Oral Health

What is periodontal disease?

Also called gum disease, periodontitis is an inflammatory oral health issue. Rooted in the overgrowth of bacteria growing in soft plaque and hard tartar between teeth and under the gums, periodontal disease also affects your systemic health by way of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, hypertension, and more. In short, gum problems are nothing to ignore.

To assess you for periodontal disease, Dr. Edward Sarkisian will look for changes in gum pocket depth—that is, the space between tooth roots and the soft tissue itself. Simply measured with a small metal probe, gum pockets should be no deeper than three millimeters.

Symptoms of gum disease

Gum disease usually stems from poor brushing/flossing habits and a high carb, low fiber diet. In other words, much of periodontitis can be prevented. However, hereditary factors and the hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy and menopause cause gum issues, too.

Symptoms of gum disease include:

● Bleeding, particularly when you brush, floss, and eat
● Dental sensitivity
● Long-looking teeth with exposed roots
● Halitosis
● Separating teeth
● Changes in how teeth bite together or in how a partial denture fits
● Mobile teeth
● Sores on the gums
● Receding gums

In very advanced cases, the supporting bone and connective tissue deteriorate.

Treating gum disease

Here at Sarkisian Dental, our professional team customizes treatments depending on individual needs. For instance, mild gingivitis responds well to better brushing/flossing at home and routine cleanings in the office, whereas more advanced stages of the condition require more in-depth treatments.

Procedures such as root planing and scaling and gum grafting eliminate bacteria-filled pockets and use the patient's own gum tissue to cover roots. The goal of any periodontal treatment is the reattachment of gums to tooth surfaces and suppression of bacteria. Additionally, Dr. Sarkisian will determine if your professional cleanings should be more frequent than the usual semi-annual schedule.

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